SPECIALIST SEMINAR: ‘The use of Archives in Jewish Studies’, 21/2/2013

This is a workshop on working with archival resources relating to Jews (in the widest sense, i.e. Jews don’t need to be central to your research, but issues relating to Jews in some form should figure in your work).

The workshop is aimed at those already working in archives, as well as those interested in doing so in the future.

The workshop will introduce aspects of archival resources available in Scotland, and offer the opportunity for networking with other scholars, including increasing opportunities for expanding skills in archival work.


  • Welcome and introductions over lunch 1-1:30pm
  • Presentations 1:30-3:30pm
    • Harvey Kaplan: The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre

Director Harvey Kaplan will give an illustrated presentation of the work of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre in preserving the experiences of Jews living in Scotland. The centre collects a wide range of material which is available for researchers, family historians, media and other enquiries.

    • Mirella Yandoli & Marc David Jacobs: The Jewish Family – A Locked Street: The Edinburgh Archival Holdings
    • Eyal Poleg: Hebrew Manuscripts, Material Culture, and Why Should We Care

Eyal will discuss the type of information one can gather from examining medieval manuscripts, beyond their text, and exemplify that with two manuscripts – one in Edinburgh and the other Cambridge.

    •  Andrew Barker: To boldly go … The joys and pitfalls of archival research
  •  Concluding discussion 3:30-4pm

The workshop has 15 places available and these are now all taken.


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