PUBLIC EVENT: Edinburgh Jews: Studying Jews in the Edinburgh region from early modern times until the present

2Col2LineMonday 27 May 2013, 10am-4pm, New College, Senate Room. Click here for more details.

This day conference offers a series of short papers about Jews in Edinburgh and Scotland and the study of Jews at the University of Edinburgh. We will also celebrate the launch of a Guide to archival resources presenting a synopsis of locally available archival holdings of interest to researchers in Jewish Studies. At the same time, participants are invited to preview the exhibition Edinburgh’s Jews which formally opens to the public on 4 June 2013. Further information about the exhibition and the guide to archival holdings can be found at

Please find below the schedule for the day’s presentations. When registering for the event, please email H. Holtschneider, specifying which session(s) you intend to attend. The room has a capacity of 15-20 for any one of the presentations.


Graeme Auld (University of Edinburgh), The Edinburgh Hebrew Chair 1641 to modern times.


Stephen Massil (Jewish Historical Society of England), Dr Joseph Hart Myers (1758-1823), Edinburgh’s first Jewish graduate.


Harvey Kaplan (Director, Scottish Jewish Archives Centre), The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre: resources relating to Edinburgh.


LUNCH – and launch of Guide to archival resources relating to Jews (Mirella Yandoli, Hannah Holtschneider)


Gillian Raab (University of St Andrews), Ephraim Borowski (Director, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities), Jews in Scotland: results from the census


Fiona Frank (Project Worker, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities), ‘Being Jewish in Scotland’: report on a Scottish Government funded inquiry carried out by SCoJeC, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, in 2011-2


Refreshments are provided, courtesy of the Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society (


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