Edinburgh Jews featured on STV Edinburgh

 The 'Edinburgh Jews' exhibition
The ‘Edinburgh Jews’ exhibition. Copyright – Amanda Armao

The Edinburgh Jews exhibition has been featured in a story on the STV website:

“Jews often migrate along trade routes, so the first evidence of Jews living in Edinburgh is around the 1600s… There are very few references to Jews and they seem to come as single traders to the city. In the 18th century, Jews come as students because, in contrast to many universities in the United States, Scotland never had a quota on Jewish students. In the 1700s we are finding the first graduates in medicine from the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Holtschneider added: “One of the things the exhibition is trying to show is the links Jews had with the city and how they contributed to the city of Edinburgh. They have played a major role. It is remarkable”

You can view the full story here: http://local.stv.tv/edinburgh/magazine/229462-jewish-community-featured-in-new-university-of-edinburgh-exhibition/


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