‘Speaking across the divide’, 12 November 2019, 5:30pm, Project Room, 50 George Square

Lopian-Niemann-event-electronicNoemie Lopian,  daughter of Holocaust survivors. Derek Niemann, grandson of an SS officer.

The Nazis tried to kill kindness. We fight against that.

In a highly unusual partnership, Noemie and Derek are sharing their stories as a warning against the perils of extremism and to inspire greater understanding.

Noemie is the daughter of Ernst Bornstein, author of The Long Night, which tells the horrifying story of his concentration and slave labour camp experiences. Noemie has translated the book into English. She is passionate about Holocaust commemoration and education, speaking to a variety of audiences, challenging them as to why and how the Holocaust is relevant today and must never be forgotten.

Author and writer Derek discovered just a few years ago that the grandfather he never knew had been an SS officer, in charge of slave labourers in Nazi concentration camps. Derek’s book, A Nazi in the Family, tells the tale of all that he uncovered, and the ease with which an ordinary person can descend into the service of an evil regime.

Event organised by the Edinburgh Jewish Studies Network, co-convened by Dr Hannah Holtschneider, School of Divinity and Professor Peter Davies, School of Literatures, Languages & Cultures.

The discussion will be followed by a reception. Noemie’s and Derek’s books will be available for purchase.

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