Seftor 1

The Seftor Family. Seftor was a well-known name in Edinburgh due to their successful furrier business spanning three generations. The original premises were at 9 Gillespie Place where twenty-four year old Bertram Seftor founded the business in 1912. He arrived in Edinburgh from London two years earlier and was employed by the famous Princes Street furriers Russ & Winkler. Forced to close the business at the outbreak of World War I, Bertram re-opened the shop on his return from active service. In 1932 Bertram’s son Arnold, aged sixteen, joined the business which was by then flourishing at 97 and 99 Shandwick Place. After World War II, reflecting the major shift in the Jewish population to the southern suburbs, Arnold moved his premises to Marchmont Crescent, where he was joined by his son Brian in 1964. Both Brian’s wife Moira and mother Renée (pictured 1965) worked in the shop. The business still flourishes in Edinburgh today. (Image courtesy of the Seftor Family.)