Barker, Andrew – Professor Emeritus, German

Bloxham, Donald – Richard Pares Professor of European History, School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Bowd, Stephen – Reader, European History, 1500-1800

Buchen, Tim – Lecturer, History

Carsten, Janet – Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Cooke, Simon – Lecturer, English Literature

Davies, Peter – Professor of Modern German Studies

Dickson, Gary – Honorary Fellow, School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Gorman, Tony – Senior Lecturer, Modern Middle Eastern History

Holtschneider, Hannah – Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies

Kelly, Tobias – Professor of Political and Legal Anthropology

Klein, Anja – Chancellor’s Fellow in Hebrew Bible

Lim, Timothy – Chair in Hebrew Bible & Second Temple Judaism

Messina, Davide – Senior Lecturer, Italian

Novenson, Matthew – Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Christian Origins

Elaine Samuel – Formerly Department of Social Policy

Smith, Alexandra – Reader in Russian Studies

Wilkes, George – Research Fellow and Director, Project on Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace

Williams, Margaret – Honorary Fellow, School of Divinity

Wollman, Howard – Honorary Fellow, Sociology


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