Guide to Archival Resources for Jewish Studies in Edinburgh

Researched, compiled, edited, and annotated by Mirella Yandoli 

Edinburgh, May 2013.


This guide to academic archival resources is a subject-by-subject overview of what Edinburgh may have to offer researchers in a variety of research areas. Archival resources have been selected on the basis of their connection to Jewish individuals, groups, organisations, theology et al. Many of the categories relate directly to the Jewish community in Edinburgh and Scotland and/or Jewish religion and will therefore present scope for researchers in Jewish Studies and history. Other categories and archival listings point more obliquely towards more diverse subject areas such as musical theory, political theory and literature amongst many others. Overall the guide is designed to be as broad as possible and the Jewish connection that links them all can simply function as a research channel through which a range of subjects can be approached. The subject categories are arranged alphabetically and each one is given a table with a chronologically organised list of relevant material. The different archives in Edinburgh are listed below. Along with holdings found in Edinburgh, the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre, based in Glasgow, and the Scottish Catholic Archives are also listed due to the relevance of their collections. Researchers aware of more archival holdings or of items within the archival holdings listed below which have not been included, are invited to contribute their knowledge. This overview is not finite and the overall intention is that the guide serves as an initial glimpse into what Edinburgh may have to offer in terms of research and resources for research. If you do have any queries or contributions please contact Dr Hannah Holtschneider.

Acknowledgements and copyright


Thanks go to Mark Gilfillan for providing a whole set of references, in particular on Law and Legislation, Marc David Jacobs for assistance with compiling the Cinema section, to Maria Dlugolecka-Graham for helping with the records relating to the Polish School of Medicine, Rachel Hosker at ECA, and Christine Love-Rodgers of New College Library for invaluable advice, and Giney Sapera for help with the layout.

Research for this publication was funded by a Challenge Investment Fund Award from the College of Humanities and Social Science, University of Edinburgh.

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Archives in Edinburgh

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Subject Categories

• Introduction  (pdf)
• Architecture  (pdf)
• Art  (pdf)
• British History  (pdf)
• Business and Economics  (pdf)
• Christian Mission  (pdf)
• Christian Theology  (pdf)
• Cinema  (pdf)
• Edinburgh Jewish Community  (pdf)
• Hebrew Language  (pdf)
• Jewish Refugees  (pdf)
• Jewish Religion  (pdf)
• Law and Legislation  (pdf)
• Literature  (pdf)
• Medicine and Science  (pdf)
• Military  (pdf)
• Music  (word – pdf)
• Notable Figures  (pdf)
• Politics  (pdf)
• Scottish Catholic Archives (Aberdeen)  (pdf)
• Scottish Jewish Archives Centre (Glasgow)  (pdf)
• Zionism  (pdf)