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  1. Although I would like to come to this exhibition and associated events I am unable to so I am writing to ask if it is possible to view it online or is there a guide to go with it I can buy? I am very interested in Edinburgh and its Jewish History [having grown up there].How far back does the community go back in terms of time and how many jews live there now?

  2. Dear Abigail, there is no guide as yet, but there is an online version – it’s at , or from the tabs at the top of the page. Each page corresponds to one of the large canvases from the exhibition, and you can click on the images to see them larger and get more details. You should find the answers to your questions there!

  3. i can add quite a lot of information about rabbi Jacob rabinowitz (my grear randfather) who was the Rabbi of the Yiddish speaking Richmond Road synagogue from 1898 (approx) until he moved to London approx 1971. This followed a major dispute between him and Rabbi Furst concerning shechita, and in which the London beth Din – dayan feldman – and Chief rabbi Hertz , both intervened in an attempt to find a solution. I have documents and pictures, but would also like to know more about him and his synagogue

    Professor David Newman

  4. Happy to correspond. Dates don’t align, Rabinowitz left Edinburgh before Daiches arrived in 1919. We have little information on the shuls, sadly many documents appear lost or may be in private hands and thus not accessible.

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